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Web Accessibility and WCAG 2.1 is a relatively new area of expertise for many web developers and webmasters. We’re working to build a comprehensive knowledge base of questions and answers to help solve the unique challenges around building websites with web accessibility in mind.  Browse or search our knowledge base, or submit questions to our team of developers. If you need more help, learn more about our WCAG audits and accessibility scanning platform.

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How do I know whether an image of text is decorative?

Success Criterion 1.4.9: Images of Text (No Exception) states that text “used for pure decoration” is one of the few allowed uses for images of text. How do I know whether text is decorative?

  • decorative images
  • images
  • text

Why aren’t accessibility best practices part of WCAG success criteria?

Accessibility guides and audit results will include “accessibility best practices” that aren’t tied to a specific success criterion. If these practices are helpful, why aren’t they already success criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

  • best practices
  • user experience

Should “Sign Up” fields be links or buttons?

I have an element on my page that allows users to sign in to their account. It both takes a user to a new page AND submits a form, so should it be coded as a link or a button?

  • buttons
  • links