About Us

We connect businesses and organizations with our web developers and UX testers with various disabilities.  Together, we're building a web that's accessible to everyone.  This change happens one website at a time. We want your website to be next. 

Origin Story

Accessible Web is a spin-off of an established web design agency in Burlington, Vermont created by Peter Jewett. In early 2016, he was visiting his in-laws and was showing off the most recent websites that the team had launched.  He noticed his mother-in-law, who has degenerative vision issues, appeared to be “pretending” to read and navigate the websites.

When he inquired, she noted that none of the websites would scale properly when she tried to zoom, and that she couldn’t see any of the links in blue.  This started a conversation about website accessibility.  This conversation quickly turned into research and education as his team dove into WCAG 2.0, assistive technologies, and accessible coding techniques.

Around the same time, clients started to call asking about Web Accessibility and WCAG Conformance. Accessible Web, this website accessibility company, was born.

What We’re Up To

The web accessibility space is filled with doom and gloom stories focused around lawsuits. We acknowledge that there are legal risks to not having a website that’s accessible, but that should only be one of many factors that drive businesses and organizations to take accessibility seriously. We prefer to focus on the positive. We want to work with our clients and partners to build a better web.

The web doesn’t have the same limitations as the physical world, it’s a place where every site and app can essentially be started from scratch and approached as a brand new project without limitations. It’s also a place where people with disabilities can travel, communicate, transact and exist, ideally free from the unique challenges that they must navigate daily in the physical world. However, websites need to be developed properly to fulfill this potential.

We’ve watched countless users navigate websites using various assistive technologies. We’ve seen the challenges and roadblocks that most websites throw in their way. We’ve watched these users stubbornly refuse to give up, and the various workarounds and tricks required to complete the task at hand. Completing somewhat trivial scenarios on most websites will frequently leave these users frustrated and exhausted.

We’ve also seen the smiles and pure joy when a company puts in the time and effort to build and maintain a website that works seamlessly with assistive technologies. These are the moments that drive us. These are the moments when the web lives up to its potential. These are the moments we want users to experience on your website.

We started this business by offering a variety of web accessibility services to our clients. We’re truly excited about our pivot to a product-first company with the launch of Accessible Web Console. Wherever you are in your web accessibility journey, we can provide the tools and expertise to help you along your way.