Achieve Website ADA Compliance

Have you received an ADA lawsuit or demand letter? Do you want to avoid potential ones?

We work with companies every day to achieve and maintain ADA compliance and minimize the financial and reputational cost of ADA lawsuits.

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The Department of Justice on Web Accessibility and the ADA

When Congress passed the ADA, its goal was to ensure the ADA would adapt to the ever-evolving technology landscape. Since 1996, the Department of Justice has consistently asserted that the ADA extends its reach to encompass web content.

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Actionable plan for compliance

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How it works

1. Demo, Scoping, and Onboarding

We will demo your website and discuss your WCAG goals, current ADA compliance, and specifics from your lawsuit or demand letter (if applicable). Then, we’ll create a proposal outlining the audit and certification project.

2. RAMP Account and A11y Center

Sign up for RAMP to install our A11Y Center immediately. Our platform and specialists will guide you through creating an accessibility statement and assigning and training an accessibility advocate. 

3. Initial WCAG Audit

We’ll conduct an exhaustive audit that tests for every WCAG success criterion using automated tools, manual code review, and assistive technologies and deliver a detailed report.

4. Accessibility Remediation & Support

We’ll assign a web accessibility specialist to support your team as they complete remediation to ensure that tasks are completed correctly and efficiently.

5. Accessibility Testing

Our team of individuals with disabilities will test your website using their assistive technologies to identify any remaining barriers. We’ll work with you to eliminate any uncovered issues.

6. Certification and Maintenance

After remediation, we will update your Accessibility Statement and add a Certification Statement. Continue your RAMP Subscription and Partner Program to maintain conformance and display our Certification Seal.

A website with its overlay widget crossed out.

Achieve ADA Compliance without overlays or widgets

Proper accessibility measures from the get-go save you time and spare you from potential financial burdens and reputational damage in the long run. Many have turned to us after discovering that accessibility overlays failed to shield them from ADA lawsuits.

We embrace the use of software and automated tools to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our work. However, we don’t subscribe to instant solutions. Our belief is grounded in a proven approach – ADA compliance requires a manual process that involves identifying barriers through WCAG audits and assistive technology testing.

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Follow a clear and proven path to compliance

We assist our clients in attaining and sustaining ADA compliance by implementing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The legal landscape in this regard is clear – the Department of Justice has stated that websites aligning with WCAG standards are ADA-compliant.

Accessibility is a journey that should start early and regularly; it’s never a one-time, perfect fix. By following our recommendations, we can craft extraordinary, inclusive experiences for your users, achieve ADA compliance, and protect your organization from costly ADA lawsuits.

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3 accessibility specialists alongside a website's scan results.
An open remediation task with a description, affected element code snippet, remediation recommendation and a screenshot.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Our audit results are exported into RAMP as remediation tasks and serve as your roadmap to accessibility. Within each task, you can:

  • View the affected elements, success criteria, violation severity, and remediation instructions.
  • Assign tasks and keep track of progress.
  • Communicate with your specialist.

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