Accessibility Testing

At the core of web accessibility is a simple question, "How are people that use assistive technology experiencing the web?" Our Accessibility Testing team will identify barriers, work with our specialists to provide you with results, and verify remediations so you can get feedback from real users.

Real assistive technology users

Live or recorded testing sessions

Various assistive technologies

Real users, actionable feedback

1. Test to Identify Accessibility Barriers

We will conduct an initial test of key user flows to identify barriers. Our team of Accessibility Testers consists of individuals with disabilities who rely on assistive technology, such as screen readers, magnifiers, and more, to browse the web.

2. Remediation with Expert Support

Our Accessibility Testers will collaborate with our web accessibility specialists to create remediation instructions based on the web content accessibility guidelines consisting of detailed design, code, and content recommendations.

3. Verification Test to Confirm Barrier Elimination

Once remediations are complete, a second series of tests will be conducted to ensure that users can access and interact with the content. This test aims to validate the accessibility remediations.*

*Accessibility is an ongoing process, and regular audits and tests should be conducted as websites evolve to maintain accessibility standards and ensure a positive user experience for all users.

Understand how real users experience your site

Curious to see what happens during a testing session? Watch as Heather, one of our Testers, uses a screen reader to navigate a page from the New York Times website.

A website alongside 4 assistive technology icons: a screen reader, an alternative keyboard, zoom text, and a refreshable braille display.

Experience a variety of operating systems, browsers, & assistive technology

We have assembled a team of accessibility testers from diverse professional backgrounds that rely on a variety of assistive technologies to browse the web. These include:

  • Screen Readers
  • Refreshable Braille Displays
  • Zoom Text
  • Alternative Keyboards

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