Remediate Accessibility Issues

Now that you’ve found and understand the accessibility issues that exist across your site, it’s time to remediate them. Manage your accessibility work with Remediation Tasks; RAMP’s user-friendly task system or set up our integration with Jira.

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Remediation Task System

Organize and assign accessibility work. Each task includes associated pages, failure descriptions, WCAG success criteria, code snippets, and remediation instructions. You can also add screenshots and tags to help with your organization’s workflow.

A list of remediation tasks alongside an open task. The task includes the affected elements and a remediation recommendation.
Task Details
View the relevant page, error, elements, and remediation instructions.
Task List
Keep track of status and affected pages.

Jira Integration

Save time and say goodbye to spreadsheets with Accessible Web for Jira, an integration that will allow RAMP users to:

  • Push audit results and remediation tasks to Jira
  • Sync statuses of Jira issues linked to remediation tasks
  • Filter by Jira status in RAMP
  • And more!

Get started with RAMP

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Collaboration Features

Add your team to your RAMP account to organize accessibility work, assign remediation tasks, and keep everyone in the loop. The earlier web accessibility is implemented in your processes and team, the better you can avoid issues in the future.

Onboard your team in RAMP

A list of remediation tasks of various statuses. There are 3 teammates' cursors hovering over the tasks.
3 professionals hovering over a website page.

Professional Support

Supplement your team’s knowledge with professional WCAG audits & consulting from Accessible Web. We offer full WCAG audits, monthly consulting packages, VPATs, and more.

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