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Start your accessibility work by discovering issues with our digital accessibility tools. Automated scanning detects violations, Recommended Action Items prioritizes the findings, & the Accessible Web Helper browser extension highlights the failures with a push of a button.

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Automated Monitoring

Continuously monitor your entire website for WCAG violations, view workflow recommendations, and keep track of your progress. While automated scanning is no replacement for manual testing, our system ensures you start making progress.

A screenshot of our automated scanning tab. It features a violation breakdown, graph of violation history, and recommended action items.
Inspect Changes
Pinpoint exactly what’s affecting your score.
Your most pervasive issues in a prioritized list.
Detailed Results
Violations include affected elements, success criteria, severity, and remediation instructions.

Recommended Action Items

Our recommendation system prioritizes your work by surfacing the most pervasive accessibility issues, quantifies your impact with score estimations, and removes the guesswork by verifying your fixes on demand.

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A modal showing a website's violation breakdown by type. A list of recommended action items appears below.

Browser Extension

The Accessible Web Helper contains 3 tools to help you identify and document violations: 1. Page Scanner, 2. Color Contrast Checker and 3. Guided Manual WCAG Audits. Launch it directly from a violation or task in RAMP to highlight the affected elements directly on your website.

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A screenshot of our chrome extension on top of a website. The extension is showing scan results and highlighting the violations on the page with a red border.
A screenshot of the audit overview page of the guided audit tool. It features a progress bar above a list of tests.

Guided Manual Audit Tool

Uncover up to 100% of accessibility violations yourself. The guided audit is a tool within our chrome extension that walks you through a series of tests to comprehensively audit for all WCAG success criteria and achieve full WCAG conformance.

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Track Issues Over Time

RAMP’s automated scanning not only provides you with at a glance information about the current state of your website’s accessibility, it also tracks issues over time with graphs to visualize your progress.

A graph of a website's violation history by violation type. Different graph options appear above the graph: Violations, Automated Score, Page Count, and Page Scans.