Attain & Maintain Compliance

Mitigate your lawsuit risk with the A11y Center; a centralized place to host your accessibility statement, accessibility issue reporting, & means for accommodations. Long term monitoring watches your site to catch issues that are introduced as your site changes. Shifting left enables you to build accessible experiences from the start.

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A11y Center

Mitigate your legal risk by quickly adding an Accessibility Statement and an issue reporting form to your site or application. The A11y Center also allows users to submit feedback on accessibility barriers, helps offer reasonable accommodations, and displays your commitment to accessibility all in one location.

A screenshot of an A11y Center showing the website's accessibility statement and certification.
Easy Setup
Have your widget up and running in minutes.
Mitigate Legal Risk
Start your road to compliance with the ADA, AODA, & more.
Certification Seal
Displayed once we certify your accessibility.
A smiling robot holding a magnifying glass in front of a website page. There is a graph of decreasing accessibility violations below it.

Long Term Monitoring

Making your website or app accessible isn’t just a one time thing. As websites change with new features and content, you need to make sure that you aren’t introducing new issues. Monitor your content over time with RAMP’s Automated Scanning.

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Protection From ADA Lawsuits

There were 2,387 web accessibility lawsuits in 2022. Since 1996, the Department of Justice has asserted that the ADA also applies to the web. Don’t wait until it’s too late, create a plan for compliance. By taking action, you can create inclusive experiences, achieve ADA compliance, and protect your organization from costly ADA lawsuits.

Shifting Left

Shifting Left is the concept of moving accessibility checks & best practices earlier in the development process. Far too often web accessibility is addressed at the end of website projects, which leads to costly reworking of work you’ve already done. 

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A diagram of a production lifecycle. The steps from beginning to end are as follows: Planning and Conceptualizing, Visual and User Experience Design, Copywriting, Hand-off to Developers, Development, QA Testing, Post-launch, and Marketing.

ADA/AODA Compliance Support

Have you received a lawsuit or demand letter? Do you want to avoid potential ones? We work with companies every day to achieve and maintain ADA/AODA compliance and minimize the financial cost of these lawsuits.

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