Why So Many SEOs Get Into Web Accessibility

21 Mar 2023

If you do SEO or have an agency that offers SEO, adding web accessibility to your service offering makes a lot of sense. It is not a coincidence that both of Accessible Web’s founders, and even yours truly, are all former SEOs. Optimizing a website for search engines and for users with disabilities are very […]

Accessible Agency: Selling Accessibility to Current Clients

28 Mar 2023

Accessible Agency is an ongoing series by Accessible Web discussing offering web accessibility services as an agency. In 2010 I was tasked with creating a “digital marketing” department at an agency in Central Florida. Among these digital services, mobile-friendly sites and SEO proved to be the most lucrative initially, so I wanted to start pitching […]

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2023

21 Mar 2023

The Accessible Web team had the pleasure of attending this year’s CSUN Assistive Technology Conference out in California. For the last 37 years, the CSUN Conference has been organized by California State University, Northridge’s Center on Disabilities, and serves as an opportunity for industry leaders, researchers, educators, and technology users to come together around the […]

Accessible Web Auditor Coauthors Web Accessibility Study

8 Mar 2023

Our own Meagan Griffith coauthored an article in the journal Interacting with Computers. The research paper entitled “Quantifying the Cost of Web Accessibility Barriers for Blind Users” looks at the issue of web accessibility from a different angle than many of the articles on the subject that come before it. Lots of research has been […]

Automated WCAG Scanning Versus Manual Auditing of Websites

6 Feb 2023

In the journey of making an accessible website addressing WCAG conformance, the process of aligning a website’s code and content to internationally recognized standards, is often the bulk of the project. Fortunately, automated website scanners, like the one found in RAMP, speed up this work by surfacing a wide range of accessibility issues across a […]

Introducing RAMP Remediation Recommendations

6 Dec 2022

RAMP’s new recommendations feature surfaces the most pervasive accessibility issues quickly, makes it easy to turn a recommendation into a task, and automatically closes out tasks once rescanned to verify a fix. Automated page scanning is a great tool to quickly identify accessibility issues on a website. While scanning only identifies some types of issue […]

Why We Score Webpages and the Improvements We’re Making

17 Nov 2022

Our free Website Accessibility Checker and the RAMP platform have scanned and scored millions of webpages and applications. Along with specifying what on a given webpage doesn’t conform to WCAG standards, Accessible Web’s RAMP platform offers a numerical score to help our users prioritize their efforts and document progress over time. RAMP already makes the […]

How to perform a web accessibility (WCAG) audit

4 Nov 2022

What is a Web Accessibility Audit? A web accessibility audit is a process by which you test a website or web application against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This type of assessment gives you an understanding of how usable your website is for people who use assistive technologies.  Why should I have a WCAG […]

Proud Winners of the Spirit of the ADA Award 2022

26 Oct 2022

On October 24th, the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities in the State of Vermont presented Accessible Web with the Spirit of the ADA Award. The Spirit of the ADA Award rewards individuals and businesses who reflect the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act in employment practices. These practices include: accessibility, recruiting, […]

Agency Webinar: Web Accessibility

14 Sep 2022

As a web agency, coming up with web accessibility solutions for your clients can be a real challenge. With each of your customers having slightly different needs, it can be tricky to create offerings that apply to all customers while still making business sense. At Accessible Web, we’ve built a strategy playbook and a suite […]