Introducing Bot Actions

10 Jul 2024

We are excited to introduce expanded scanning capabilities in RAMP! Sometimes, websites require steps before accessing their content. You might need to log in, close a banner, etc. Previously, our bots could not perform these steps and, in turn, could not scan the site. However, those days are now in the past — thanks to […]

The Challenges of Accessibility in Montreal: A Path Towards Improvement

7 Jun 2024

Montreal, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, unfortunately, has a less admirable legacy when it comes to accessibility. As a city built in various stages over centuries, many of Montreal’s private and public spaces were designed without consideration for individuals with mobility challenges. This historical oversight has left a significant portion […]

Implementing Accessibility to Improve Your Home

5 Jun 2024

For most people, the home is where you might spend a large portion of your day. Having a home that is organized and efficient can make a huge difference in your day to day experiences. Let’s explore how we can use accessibility to improve the functionality of your living space.  As someone who lives with […]

What is a VPAT?

31 May 2024

A VPAT, short for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, is a document that organizations complete to demonstrate their dedication to creating products that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. It serves as a formal declaration of compliance with accessibility standards, reflecting a commitment not just to ethical principles but also to adhering to […]

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024

16 May 2024

Since 2011, the third Thursday in May has been used to recognize, celebrate, and learn about digital accessibility in the modern world. In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we are offering some of our tools at a discounted rate — now through 5/23/24. Accessible Web RAMP — 20% off the first 3 months for […]

Accessible Web at the Small and Medium-Sized Business Accessibility Services event hosted by

3 May 2024

We had the pleasure of attending the Small and Medium-Sized Business Accessibility Services event hosted by on May 1st. Our founder and CEO, Peter Jewett, had a great time presenting “Ramping up your web accessibility. 9 ways to advance your web accessibility with and without engaging a services company.” Watch his presentation below! Thank you to the team […]

New: Interactive historical data charts

29 Apr 2024

Get to the bottom of web accessibility changes on your site. Previously, our trend charts in the Automated Scanning History page let you know changes occurred on your site. However, they did not make it easy to find out what contributed to those changes. That was until our new interactive trend charts. Now, our interactive […]

The New ADA Title II Update & Its Broader Implications

18 Apr 2024

At Accessible Web, we are committed to guiding and supporting our clients through the evolving landscape of digital accessibility. The latest amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II, introduced on March 8, 2024, marks a significant advancement in our collective efforts to make digital content universally accessible. This update emphasizes the importance […]