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Automated WCAG Scanning Versus Manual Auditing of Websites

6 Feb 2023

In the journey of making an accessible website addressing WCAG conformance, the process of aligning a website’s code and content to internationally recognized standards, is often the bulk of the project. Fortunately, automated website scanners, like the one found in RAMP, speed up this work by surfacing a wide range of accessibility issues across a […]

How to perform a web accessibility (WCAG) audit

4 Nov 2022

What is a Web Accessibility Audit? A web accessibility audit is a process by which you test a website or web application against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This type of assessment gives you an understanding of how usable your website is for people who use assistive technologies.  Why should I have a WCAG […]

Agency Webinar: Web Accessibility

14 Sep 2022

As a web agency, coming up with web accessibility solutions for your clients can be a real challenge. With each of your customers having slightly different needs, it can be tricky to create offerings that apply to all customers while still making business sense. At Accessible Web, we’ve built a strategy playbook and a suite […]

Web Accessibility Checkers: A Key Strategy

27 Jul 2022

Web accessibility checkers can and should be a part of your digital accessibility roadmap, however they are only a single piece of a broader web accessibility strategy.   What are accessibility checkers? Web accessibility checkers automatically scan pages on your website or application and give a score based on the presence of certain failure criteria. […]

A Case for Usability and UX Testing

4 Mar 2022

“Nothing About Us, Without Us” If your website hasn’t been tested by real assistive technology users, how do you know it’s truly barrier-free for people with disabilities? You really can’t. That’s why it’s important to include people with disabilities in your web design and accessibility remediation process. Usability/UX testing is your opportunity to have real […]

Shopify and Web Accessibility

16 Mar 2022

Over the last couple of years, Shopify has done a great job responding to the wave of accessibility lawsuits and helping eCommerce customers solve accessibility issues. Shopify provides Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) for many of their products, including their popular Debut theme and Checkout interface. Shopify is accessible right out-of-the-box, but the responsibility for […]

The Value of Ongoing Page Monitoring for Accessibility

24 Feb 2022

Accessibility is an ongoing process–every comprehensive accessibility strategy includes a plan for ongoing page monitoring. Learn how automated page monitoring tools can help you maintain accessibility after your initial audit and remediation engagement. Keeping up with and fixing accessibility issues as they arise demonstrates your commitment to creating a barrier-free experience for users with disabilities. […]

New Feature: Scan Behind Login Forms

21 Jan 2022

We are excited to announce that Accessible RAMP now supports scanning behind HTTP Authentification and advanced login forms! Whether your website/application is already well established or still in the design and development stages, Accessible Web RAMP gives you the tools you need, when you need them, to demystify the web accessibility process. Advanced scanning behind […]

A11Y Center: Take Pride in Your Web Accessibility Work

31 Jan 2022

It is never too early to install Accessible Web’s A11Y Center on your website. Show the world that you’re dedicated to making your website accessible to everyone, including those who use assistive technology. What is the A11Y Center? The A11Y Center provides a variety of resources and accessibility information to your users. It is fast […]

Clear, Concise, and Convenient: The Importance of Plain Language

30 Dec 2021

Learn how using plain language can improve user experience, make web content more accessible to everyone, and even boost your SEO rankings. What is plain language? Plain language is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand communication. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 defines plain language as: Writing that is clear, concise, well-organized, and follows other […]