Open Career Opportunities

We’re planning on hiring 12 new team members in 2021. If you’re interested and skilled in web accessibility but there isn’t a role listed below that fits, we’d encourage you to send an email to [email protected] to introduce yourself.

Controller / HR Manager

We’re looking for a unique candidate for a unique position.  We operate two website-related companies and are looking for someone that can help us to better manage finance and people between the two organizations.   

This role would report to Peter Jewett, the founder and CEO of both companies. Our primary goal is finding somebody to manage our bookkeeping and finances.  Our secondary goal is finding someone to manage HR, payroll, and help with hiring. We’re looking for someone that is experienced, mature, and can confidently juggle multiple responsibilities. Help us be more strategic about forward-looking planning to maximize growth!

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Sales Representative

Accessible Web has an immediate opening for a Sales Representative.  We’ve developed a strong pipeline of qualified leads that need to be converted into paying customers.  We also want to begin prospecting leads more aggressively.  Our current inbound sales process typically involves contacting and qualifying the lead, providing a demo of our platform, discussing the client’s accessibility needs, reviewing the client’s website or web application, and providing a proposal and project plan. 

The ideal candidate should be competitive, possess strong verbal and written communication skills, have a general understanding of websites and web apps, and have strong attention to detail. We’re working in a unique niche, so there will be a significant period of working alongside our CEO to learn our unique value proposition, how to address objections.  Eventually, we’re expecting the Sales Representative to be capable of closing most leads independently and identify new lead channels and growth opportunities.  

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Web Accessibility (WCAG) Auditor

Accessible Web has an opening for a Web Accessibility Auditor. The Web Accessibility Auditor will audit websites & web applications and test user interfaces against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), as well as provide consultation about how to most effectively implement remediations. The ideal candidate will have technical experience working with HTML and CSS, possess strong verbal and written communication skills, and have strong attention to detail.

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