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Accessibility Advocate

Who is going to act as the accessibility advocate at your organization? You should provide multiple ways for a user to provide feedback if they find any accessibility issues with your site or application.

Website Technology

What operating systems is your website or application expected to work with?

What browsers is your website or application expected to work with?

Which technologies does your content rely on for conformance (ie. if the technology was turned off, the content would not conform). Examples include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Are there any known accessibility limitations with your website or application? If so, please describe it in detail (include content location, description of the issue, why it happens, what your plan is and what to do in the meantime).

Are there any known incompatibility issues with specific technologies? If so, please describe in detail (include the operating system, browser, assistive technology and details about the incompatibility).

WCAG Assessment

How was your website or application assessed for WCAG conformance?