Category: Product Updates

The Billing Page has a new look

13 Nov 2023

Last quarter, we made some changes to our subscription plans to account for all the new features we’ve been releasing. These changes came with a refreshed pricing and feature matrix on our site. However, our old billing page in RAMP was still heavily focused on scan volumes and lacked adequate feature comparison. RAMP has more […]

Introducing Site-Level Reporting

2 Nov 2023

Reports are now available in RAMP! This highly requested feature allows users on Medium and Large plans to export meaningful accessibility progress metrics for their websites. Now, you can showcase your progress to stakeholders and the rest of your team with just a few clicks. Currently, reports consist of 3 sections: Overview – A snapshot […]

Changes to how RAMP discovers pages

31 Oct 2023

We have made some exciting upgrades to how RAMP discovers the pages of your website. The following article outlines these changes, what you can expect, and how they benefit you. We are always trying to improve our system’s ability to find and report on accessibility issues. A crucial part of this is finding pages to […]

New A11y Center Tab in RAMP

20 Jul 2023

Setting up your A11y Center and incorporating risk mitigation into your accessibility workflow has never been easier. From this new tab, you’ll be able to: Set up and customize your A11y Center through a guided walkthrough, Learn how the A11y Center fits into web accessibility, Get troubleshooting help, Track monthly views, Track user tickets, And […]

Introducing Accessible Web for Jira

27 Jun 2023

Save time and say goodbye to spreadsheets with Accessible Web for Jira, an integration that will allow RAMP users to: Push audit results and remediation tasks to Jira, Sync statuses of Jira issues linked to remediation tasks, Filter by Jira status in RAMP, And more! You can install the Jira app from our Atlassian marketplace listing […]

New: Open our Chrome extension from RAMP!

27 Jun 2023

The list of integration capabilities between Accessible Web RAMP and Accessible Web Chrome Helper extension is expanding!  With the latest update, RAMP users can open the Chrome extension straight from RAMP via recent scan results and any tasks created from recommendations. How it works Clicking this button will simultaneously: Open the page in question, Open […]

Introducing New In-Extension Remediation Instructions

24 May 2023

With over 10,000 weekly users, the Accessible Web Helper browser extension has already become an integral part of web accessibility workflows around the world. We’ve heard from web agencies, businesses, and independent website builders about how it helps speed up their discovery of accessibility issues on a website — as well as other functionality that they would […]

Expanded Integration Between Accessible Web RAMP and Accessible Web Helper Chrome Extension

23 May 2023

Major upgrades are coming to the Accessible Web Helper Chrome extension, including workflow enhancements, improved integration with RAMP, and the ability to create Remediation Tasks directly from the plugin. Users have shared that the Chrome extension is an important part of their accessibility workflow. Based on their feedback, we’ve made major upgrades to consolidate accessibility […]

New Manual Auditing Tab in RAMP

9 May 2023

Easily organize manual testing work with the new Manual Auditing tab in RAMP. We’ve set out to make managing manual testing easier with the introduction of a new Manual Auditing tab. Since automated scanning only captures a percentage of accessibility issues, we encourage all users to perform a manual audit to reach true WCAG conformance. […]

New Automated Scanning View for RAMP

2 May 2023

We’ve heard your feedback and made some changes to make your favorite features easier than ever to access in RAMP. As a result, you’ll notice some changes to the navigation menu in your website’s RAMP account. There are now separate tabs for managing pages and viewing automated scan data: the “Pages” and “Automated Scanning” tabs, […]