New A11y Center Tab in RAMP

20 Jul 2023

Setting up your A11y Center and incorporating risk mitigation into your accessibility workflow has never been easier.

From this new tab, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up and customize your A11y Center through a guided walkthrough,
  • Learn how the A11y Center fits into web accessibility,
  • Get troubleshooting help,
  • Track monthly views,
  • Track user tickets,
  • And more!
A screenshot of RAMP's sidebar with the A11y Center tab selected.

The A11y Center has been a feature of Accessible Web RAMP since the beginning. However, it was not always clear where it might fit into your workflow or project. We believe the ideal web accessibility workflow is represented with the acronym RAMP: Risk Mitigation, Automated Scanning, Manual Auditing, and People. In this case, the A11y Center falls under the Risk Mitigation step. 

Installing the A11y Center (included with all accounts) on your site allows you to display your Accessibility Policy, Log, and even feed user-reported accessibility issues directly into your site’s RAMP account. Convey your commitment to doing accessibility the correct way, even if your website isn’t perfect yet. It provides website visitors with a means to report accessibility issues to your team for reasonable accommodations—a feature of many compliance laws. 

As your team works through remediation tasks, they will produce a paper trail in the form of an Accessibility Log that can be used to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to improving accessibility.

We have more exciting features coming your way soon. Until then, we’re excited to hear your feedback on this feature! Please don’t hesitate to send your thoughts and suggestions through our feedback form. As always, our support team is happy and available to help answer any questions or troubleshoot.