Category: Web Accessibility News

DOJ Expected to Issue Public Entity Web Accessibility Regulations

4 Apr 2023

The U.S. Department of Justice is set to begin drafting web accessibility regulations for public entities this May, 2023. The United States currently lacks clear legal guidelines around web accessibility standards and enforcement, for public and private entities alike. The absence of clear regulation has led to confusion and the continued proliferation of accessibility barriers […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022

13 May 2022

GAAD: What it is and Why it Matters. What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day? Over 10 years ago, Los Angeles-based web developer Joe Devon published his famous blog post discussing the importance of digital accessibility and its current state. By sheer chance, this post was uncovered by Jennison Asuncion, a Toronto-based accessibility professional, and the […]

Do Away with Overlays

6 Jan 2022

Companies advertising overlays and automated accessibility “solutions” are selling the perception of accessibility, not the real deal. What is an overlay? Overlays are website add-on products that aim to improve website accessibility instantly, by adding as little as one line of code. Companies advertise overlays, plugins, and toolbar widgets as cheap and automated accessibility fixes. […]

Apple’s New Software Updates and Service, SignTime.

30 Jul 2021

Apple Inc. has recently announced new software updates that are designed to enhance the experience for people with mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. These updates, all slated to be available later this year, are being released across multiple Apple devices.  People with limb differences will be able to navigate Apple Watch using AssistiveTouch; iPad […]

Disability:In Conference Awards

13 Jul 2021

As the space of web accessibility grows there is a growing number of exceptional businesses and individuals who are dedicated to ensuring inclusivity. Accessible Web is excited to be taking part in the Disability:In Conference this week. Not only does this opportunity allow us to learn from industry experts, but we can also recognize those […]

A11Y Updates: Samsung

25 Mar 2021

Samsung has been providing various accessibility features within their TVs in years past, but at this year’s First Look TV event and CES (Consumer Electronic Show) they announced even more  updates to further contribute to the accessibility of Samsung products. All 2021 QLED and Neo QLED TV models will offer users the option to reposition […]

Accessible Web to Attend Axe-Con

8 Mar 2021

To us, being an a11y means never stop learning and growing our accessibility efforts. Opportunities such as Axe-Con are the perfect opportunity for our team to learn from trusted industry leaders. Axe-Con, named after Deque System’s Axe-core project, will focus on the current state of web accessibility and how it can grow further. The Axe-core […]

A11y Updates: Instagram, Twitch, and Zoom

24 Dec 2020

This past August we published a blog post showcasing some of the latest A11y Updates for Windows, Firefox, and Apple. For our next installment in this series, we’re talking about accessibility updates to Instagram, Twitch, and Zoom! We love seeing companies taking strides to create a more inclusive experience on the web and hope that […]

Disability Drives Innovation: A11y Spotlight

16 Nov 2020

Haben Girma, the first person who is deaf-blind to graduate from Harvard Law School, believes that disability drives innovation. She uses the example of two Italian friends whose desire to correspond through letters sparked the invention of the typewriter. One was blind and the other sighted, so the latter created a machine where his friend […]

Announcing Our New Suite of Accessibility Tools: Accessible Web RAMP!

13 Oct 2020

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve recognized the challenges that organizations are having with navigating the complexities of online ADA compliance and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). So, we created a new product that addresses these challenges: Accessible Web RAMP, a suite of SaaS tools designed to help teams discover, understand and resolve web […]