The Billing Page has a new look

13 Nov 2023

Last quarter, we made some changes to our subscription plans to account for all the new features we’ve been releasing. These changes came with a refreshed pricing and feature matrix on our site. However, our old billing page in RAMP was still heavily focused on scan volumes and lacked adequate feature comparison. RAMP has more to offer than just scanning capabilities, and we wanted to help you make informed decisions on which subscription to choose.

The new Billing Page:

  • Focuses on your current plan details and monthly scan usage.
  • Suggests a plan based on your desired scan frequency and page volume.
  • Makes payment and other billing information easily accessible so you can easily view expected charges and past invoices.

We’re excited to hear your feedback! Please don’t hesitate to send your thoughts and suggestions through our feedback form. As always, our support team is happy and available to help answer any questions or troubleshoot.