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Knowedge Base: third party

Whats the 10-4 on user generate content?

My site consists largely of user generated content. Meaning… I don’t have any control of what they post. Do I need to moderate EVERYTHING to make sure it’s accessible and am I even responsible for that?

Do the ads on my site need to follow accessibility guidelines?

Do ads that show on sites need to follow accessibility guidelines? I am a bit concerned if they do as I don’t really have control over what ads are showing. Off the top of my head, I am most concerned about the really obnoxious flashy ones that I am certain don’t follow accessibility guidelines.

What are the best accessible wordpress sliders?

I see a lot of WordPress¬†websites (and websites in generally really) using sliders for images and information. I can see how it would be really easy to make an accessible slider. Are there any ‘out of the box’ accessible WordPress¬†sliders?