How do I request accessibility fixes for a 3rd party tool?


Some of the WCAG accessibility issues on my website are from 3rd party tools that are out of my control. What should I do?


It can be frustrating when accessibility issues on your website or web app are being caused by a 3rd party tool, but there are steps you can take to address the situation.

One option is to switch to a different, more accessible tool that performs the same function, but that isn't always possible.

Another option is to reach out directly to the organization or company that manages the 3rd party tool. They may be able to guide you through changing your settings or configuration to address the issue, or they may be able to apply a new fix that makes their product more accessible for all.

When reaching out to a 3rd party about an accessibility issue, it's helpful to include the following:

  • Clearly describe the issue and its impact on your users.
  • List which operating system, browser, and/or other assistive technology you were using when you found the issue. If you encountered the issue in multiple combinations, include that information as well.
  • If possible, provide simple documentation of where and when the issue appears, such as screenshots, code snippets, or even short videos.

Reaching out to the 3rd party organization not only helps identify solutions, but it also reminds them that accessibility is important to their customers and users.

For additional support in finding, documenting, and fixing accessibility barriers on your website or web app, explore the WCAG Audits and Certification services from Accessible Web.

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