Principle 1 – Perceivable

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Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive.

Questions & Answers

In web accessibility, which text is part of the visible label?

I’ve built form fields that are part of a sentence — I basically want the user to fill in the blanks. However, that also means there is a lot of text near the form fields. Which text counts as the visible label?

  • form fields
  • forms
  • visible labels

What are the hover state contrast requirements for drop down lists?

I have a dropdown list with black text in a form. Does the background bar on the hover states as you hover over each selection option require a 3.1 contrast ratio against the white container background, or can I use a light gray background bar...

  • color contrast
  • drop down
  • focus state
  • hover state

How do I create a collapsible list?

I have a list of items that can have up to 50 items, and we only want to display the first 3, but have the remaining items in a "...47 more" style link which opens a scrollable popup. What is a good accessible solution?

  • aria-posinet
  • aria-setsize
  • collapsible list
  • lists