Principle 1 – Perceivable

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Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive.

Questions & Answers

What does “accessibility node not exposed” mean?

I was checking to make sure an element on my page has an accessible name in Chrome's Developer Tools and under the Computed Properties section of the Accessibility panel, it says "Accessibility node note exposed. Element not interesting for accessibility." What does that mean?

  • accessibility node
  • hidden content

Do all videos need a transcript?

I'm working on some new blog posts and I want to include videos. Do all videos need a transcript to be accessible?

  • transcript
  • video

Do all videos need audio descriptions?

I'm going to add some videos to my website and I've heard that videos need audio descriptions. Is that true? Do all videos need audio descriptions?

  • audio descriptions
  • video