RAMP Features

Streamline your web accessibility workflow with our suite of tools. RAMP helps you monitor your site and keep track of your progress, while our extension allows you to tackle violations head-on. Combine both for WCAG conformance made simple.

Page Scanning & Monitoring

Continuously scan your website against ~60 web accessibility rules to identify potential barriers. View violations in order of severity, monitor your progress with accessibility scores, access your trends over time, and ensure you stay on track to achieve WCAG conformance.

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Chrome Browser Extension

Spot-check fixes and save time as you work. Scan any page for violations, including server-side HTML, and receive a detailed breakdown. The extension also includes a color contrast tool that you can use to check color combinations against WCAG standards.

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Remediation Task System

Organize your accessibility work into discrete, understandable tasks and track your progress. Tasks are pre-filled with the affected elements on the page, relevant WCAG Success Criteria, related accessibility rules, and suggested remediation techniques.

Remediation Task System

A11Y Center

Showcase your accessibility policy, allow users to report barriers they encounter, and promote upgrades you’ve made all in one place. Show you’re taking action towards an accessible experience by installing the A11Y center, included with your RAMP subscription and customizable to your brand.

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Guided Manual Audit Tool

Follow a guided WCAG checklist consisting of detailed audit instructions, highlight element’s location on the page, use pre-populated failure templates to document issues, and apply expert remediation recommendations.

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A11Y Partner Program

Supplement RAMP access with services from our IAAP certified team. An assigned accessibility specialist will ensure that you stay on track towards a WCAG conforming website through recurring check-ins, UX testing and RAMP Task Management.

A11Y Partner Program