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Does dynamically changing text color meet accessibility requirements?

My website has text that changes color as you scroll. Text at the bottom of the screen is lightly colored, and is below minimum contrast. However, as the user scrolls, the text becomes darker and meets minimum contrast once it reaches the top half of...

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Does an element’s hover state have to reach 3:1 contrast ratio?

I have a dropdown list with black text in a form. Does the background bar on the hover states as you hover over each selection option require a 3.1 contrast ratio against the white container background, or can I use a light gray background bar...

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What WCAG color contrast guidelines apply to sub brand logos?

Our team is designing logos for a medical brand and we understand that LOGOS (assume primary logos, such as the Amazon logo) do not need to be ADA-Compliant, but what about subbrands that are typed out such as HEALTH BRAND | Insurance Plans?

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