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Knowedge Base: html

How do you fix a “suspicious link text” warning in the Wave Scanner?

I ran my page through the wave scanner in chrome and got ‘suspicious link text’ as a warning. My question is this… how specific do I need to make the text? If I go over the top and make it super specific it goes away but seems very bloated. Is there another way I can get rid of this warning?

Is there a form element meant to provide instruction?

I know how to add labels to form inputs to ‘label’ what they are. I am wondering if there is something similar for describing what a field is in more details? I want to there to be little text under a text field but don’t know if there is a specific element I should use… thanks!

What is an orphaned form label?

When using the Wave Scanner to repair my website I saw the warning “Orphaned Form Label”, with the description was “a form label is present but it is not correctly associated with a form control”. What is this?