What is a block quote, and when should I use it?


What is a block quotation, when should I use it, and why is it important?


A block quotation (or a <blockquote> element) is an element used to contain an extended quotation presented in text. It should be used when a large quote is present on the page, and typically a block quotation stands alone, separate from surrounding text (aside from the associated citation). Associated citations should be held within the <cite> element. Smaller quotes used inline with other text should be held within the <q> element.

Marking up quotations properly is important for several reasons. Many assistive technologies rely on proper markup to provide additional information and/or emphasis on specific types of text (such as quotations) to indicate to users that they are different from surrounding text. When elements are properly identified, it also provides more context and makes it easier to understand and digest the content.

Proper markup also provides a reliable structure to the page itself. For many users, a clear page structure makes it easier to organize the content, understand the flow, and navigate the page.

To learn more about how page structure enhances accessibility, explore courses on Landmarks, Links, and Headings and Sequence & Semantics from Accessible Web Academy.

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