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In web accessibility, which text is part of the visible label?

I’ve built form fields that are part of a sentence — I basically want the user to fill in the blanks. However, that also means there is a lot of text near the form fields. Which text counts as the visible label?

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What if a select box changes the rest of my form?

If form content changes after selecting a value in a select box, is it necessary to explain in advance in text that the form will change and should that be read aloud? Or do I have to provide a submit button to initiate the change...

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When should I use autocomplete attributes?

If the user is expected to be entering information about someone else into a form, do the form inputs still need autocomplete values?

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How do I make a word counter accessible?

My form has a comment field with a word count limit, and I want to provide a live counter so the user knows how close they are to the limit. How do I make the counter accessible?

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