When should I use autocomplete attributes?


If the user is expected to be entering information about someone else into a form, do the form inputs still need autocomplete values?


The autocomplete attribute on form fields is meant to help users input their information into a form field. Since this information does not save between accounts, browsers, or computers, the autocomplete attribute should only be used for a user entering their own information. Therefore, it's not necessary to have autocomplete attributes on forms where users are entering information for other people.

Including autocomplete attributes may be helpful in recognizing what the form field requires. For example, there are many ways to label form fields, so having autocomplete="name" lets users know they should enter their full name.

For a more in-depth explanation, this technique highlights how the autocomplete attribute is used and how to successfully implement it.

Also, check out the Guided Manual WCAG Audit Tool from Accessible Web, which can help you identify any form fields with missing autocomplete attributes.

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