Verify Your Domain

In order to finish setting up your RAMP account, you'll need to verify your domain. Learn how you can easily verify your domain and start scanning web pages in RAMP.

Domain Verification

In order to finish setting up your RAMP account, you’ll need to verify your domain. We’ve implemented domain verification to help protect your privacy and security, in addition to preventing predatory law firms from using our tools to target websites.

There are four domain verification options to choose from:

Option 1: Verify by Email

Option 2: Verify by Installing the A11Y Center

Option 3: Verify by DNS

Option 4: Verify by Contacting Us

Simply log back into your RAMP Account, then navigate to “Settings” to choose your verification method and verify your domain. Domain verification is in place to protect your security.

Option 1: Verify by Email

If the owner of the website has an email address associated with the website’s domain, you may verify your site via email verification. If you or your team meet these criteria you can do one of the following:

  • Update your email in account settings.
  • Invite a new owner in Settings > Teams.

Option 2: Verify by Installing the A11Y Center

Activate and install the A11Y Center on your website. Instructions for installation are provided in the verification menu.

Once you have it installed, please visit your website to make sure it’s properly displayed. At this point, you can return to your RAMP account and click “Verify” from within the verification menu. This should verify your domain.

Option 3: Verify by DNS

Verify by adding a TXT record to your domain.

  1. Log in to your DNS provider and go to DNS settings. Refer to the provider’s documentation for help.
  2. Add a root TXT record with the provided unique verification token.
  3. Click “Verify DNS” in the verification menu to complete verification. This may take up to 12 hours to complete.

Option 4: Verify by Contacting Us

Need help verifying your domain? Get in touch with us! We’re happy to manually verify your domain for you.

If you work with an agency, contacting us is often the most efficient method of verification.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions you aren’t seeing the answers to? Get in contact with us.

  • Why am I still not seeing pages from my website show in RAMP?

    If you are not seeing any pages within 24 hours after adding your sitemap to your Website Settings, then there may be a problem scanning your sitemap. Make sure that the sitemap you have specified is accessible to all users (ie. not behind any authentication), and that it contains valid sitemap xml. If you have verified those items, then your site may be blocking our bot. Make sure you don’t have any entries in your robots.txt file that would block our bot from reaching your sitemap. You can learn more about our bot here.

  • Why aren’t pages from my website showing up in RAMP?

    Our bot currently scans sites for new pages twice a day, this is subject to change, but may be the reason you aren’t seeing the page yet. If the page still isn’t showing up after 24 hours, make sure that the page is present in the sitemap that you have specified in your Website Settings.

  • What is “Active Scanning Job” and how does Accessible Web RAMP schedule scanning jobs?

    “Active Scanning Job” will show the current, automatically scheduled scanning job being processed. Accessible Web RAMP will periodically check your website for pages that need to be scanned based on the what you have specified as their preferred scanning frequency, and when they were last scanned. When it finds one, it will group it with other pages that are also due (or close to due) and scan them together in a “scanning job”. You can expect new pages to be scanned (or at least scheduled in a scanning job) within an hour of them being detected. If you manually request a single page to be scanned, you can expect the scan to complete much quicker than this, likely within 5 minutes.

  • What rules are being checked during the accessibility scan?

    Accessible Web uses Axe Core to perform accessibility scans of the pages you request. We run the scan on your page and check for violations of WCAG 2.1 AA by default. If you would like to change the rules that we are checking for, you can adjust these settings in the RAMP Settings tab of you website.

  • Is there a way to manually trigger a scan of a page?

    Yes! Navigate to the page within your RAMP account, and click the Scan Page button.