Organize Remediation Tasks

Remediation tasks are the actionable tasks that need to be taken to resolve accessibility issues. They can include details like code snippets, success criteria, links to pages and screenshots. 

When you create and update your remediation tasks, remember to provide as many details as possible because it will help you build out your Accessibility Log and track the progress of your website.

Think you’re ready to start doing some WCAG auditing yourself? Use our Workbooks to help facilitate the process. Workbooks are created to help document WCAG failures while performing page audits and to quickly create remediation tasks from the results.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I add links, lists, and code snippets to the remediation task description?

    Accessible Web RAMP supports CommonMark in the description field of remediation tasks. If you’ve ever used the formatting actions in Slack, for example, then you are already very familiar with CommonMark. You can view this guide on using CommonMark to learn more about its capabilities.