Who should you assign as your Web Accessibility Advocate?

A website's A11y Center open to the Get Help form. There is information on the company's accessibility advocate next to the form.

The responsibility of responding to web accessibility requests from customers at your company can vary depending on the size of your organization, the nature of the request, and the resources available. Ultimately, it will be a team effort. Here are some potential options for assigning your web accessibility advocate:

Dedicated Accessibility Coordinator

If your company has a dedicated accessibility coordinator, they can be the primary point of contact for responding to web accessibility requests from customers. This person should have the expertise to address accessibility concerns promptly and effectively.

Customer Support or Help Desk Team Members

Members of your customer support or help desk team can be responsible for handling initial accessibility inquiries from customers. They can triage requests and direct them to the appropriate department or individual for further assistance.

Web Development or Design Team Lead

If your company has an internal web development or design team, the team lead can be designated as the point person for accessibility requests. They should be equipped to address accessibility issues and coordinate with other team members for resolution.

Accessibility Specialist or Consultant

If your organization works with an external accessibility specialist or consultant, they can be the main contact for customer accessibility requests. This expert can provide guidance and support in addressing customer concerns.

Dedicated Email Address or Form

Consider creating a dedicated email address or web form specifically for accessibility inquiries. Make sure that a member of your team is responsible for this address or form and that all requests route to the appropriate party for a timely response.

Regardless of who responds to the web accessibility requests, it is crucial to have a clear process for handling inquiries and a commitment to addressing accessibility concerns promptly and thoroughly. Ensure you reassure the customer that their concerns are taken seriously and will be addressed with care.

The goal is to ensure that accessibility requests from customers are acknowledged, resolved, and used as an opportunity to continually improve your company’s commitment to providing an inclusive digital experience for all users.