Install Your Accessibility Badge

Navigate to the Badge Settings tab in the Accessible Web Console. From there you will find a button titled Badge Installation Code that, when activated, opens your installation instructions.

You’ll want to read through the entirety of the instructions first to know what your different installation options are, namely:

  • Default, “floating” badge
  • Fixed location badge
  • Custom badge

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Changing the badge from disabled to enabled.

    You can enable the badge by going to the Website Settings tab, and toggling on the option in the section labelled Accessibility Badge.

  • How to change the location of the floating badge.

    There are currently no options within the console to make this adjustment. However, you can still move the position of the floating badge using custom CSS on your website. You can use the following CSS selector to make this change: #awam-button-wrap