Manage Billing and Payment Methods

RAMP subscription plans are billed per website. Every website you add to RAMP requires its own subscription plan and has its own independent monthly page scan limit depending on the level of subscription plan chosen.

To adjust a website’s subscription plan, go to RAMP Settings > Billing within the website’s RAMP account. From this billing page, you can see and manage the website’s current subscription. Before selecting a paid subscription plan, RAMP will prompt you to enter a payment method.

You can also save a payment method to your account by navigating to My Account > Billing Settings. The Billing Settings page lists all websites under your ownership, along with their current subscription plans, and links to manage each website’s associated subscription plan. You can also update your payment method from this page.

Managing Payment Methods at an Organization Level

If your website is owned by an organization, all organization admins have the ability to manage billing settings and add payment methods for websites owned by the organization. Organization admins can save payment method information to the organization to make upgrading website plans and paying for subscriptions simple.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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