Manage Your Organization

Organizations allow you to create, manage, bill, and share websites with all team members from one central location.

Creating an Organization

Organizational Roles and Permissions

Team Members


Creating An Organization

Go to My Account, in the top right navigation bar, then click “Create” in the left sidebar. This opens a modal with a form where you can enter your organization name and organization email address.

The sidebar in RAMP's "My Account" tab.
A screenshot of the New Organization modal showing a field for the organization's name.

Note: The organization’s email address does not have to be the same as the user’s email address. This email is a unique identifier that will be used by other users to invite your organization to their websites as well as to auto-verify websites owned by the organization. We encourage users to use a generic email address such as [email protected].

Organizational Roles and Permissions

You can invite an unlimited number of people to join the organization. When inviting a new user to your organization, you’ll be asked to grant them a permission level.


Admins are responsible for billing subscriptions, payment methods, and managing members of the organization. Organizations can have multiple admins.

Specifically, admins can:

  • Add or remove users to the organization.
  • Change the role of a user in the organization.
  • Add, remove, and modify payment methods.
  • Create and access websites owned by the organization.
  • Change billing subscription and payment methods for websites owned by the organization.
  • Change ownership of websites owned by the organization.

Other important notes:

  • Each organization must have at least one admin.
  • The user who created the organization is automatically assigned the role of admin, but they can charge their role to “member” as long as there are other admins on the organization account.


Members have access to all websites owned by the organization.

Specifically, members can:

  • View organization team members.
  • Create and have full access to websites owned by the organization.

Managing Team Members

Admins of an organization can manage team members from the Organization Settings page within My Account. From the Organization Settings page, the admin can change the role of a member, remove members, or add new members.

Adding team members:

Organization admins can invite users from their Organization’s Settings tab within My Account.

  • Navigate to My Account on the top right of RAMP.
RAMP's header bar. The "My Account" tab is selected.
  • Choose the organization you want to modify in your Organizations List.
RAMP's Organization Settings sidebar. An organization is selected.
  • This is where you’ll find the organization’s plan details. Click the Manage button next to “Users.”
An organization's usage limit details. The Manage Users button is selected.
  • Once in the User’s list, click “Add user.” Select the role (admin or member) and enter the email address of the person you want to invite. An invitation will be sent to the invited user’s email address.
The top of an organization's team list in RAMP. There is an add user button and a progress bar showing their usage limit.

Note: A user does not need to be an existing RAMP user to receive an invitation to an organization.

Managing Billing

Admins of an organization can access their Stripe payment portal through their Organizational Settings to add, remove, or modify payment.

Note: An organization MUST have a default payment method to create non-free tier websites. The default payment method would be used automatically if the user did not explicitly select a different payment method when creating websites. Additionally, when another payment method is deleted, all websites that used the deleted payment method will automatically be switched to using the default payment method.

Websites and Organizations

Websites owned by organizations are mostly the same as websites owned by an individual.

A couple of notable differences with organization-owned websites:

  • Users can select what payment method to use to pay for subscriptions.
  • Only the user who created the website will automatically receive notifications.
    • Other team members of the organization must explicitly opt into notifications by going to RAMP Settings, selecting the Notifications tab, and clicking “opt-in.”

Organizations can also be invited to websites owned by other individuals or organizations — all members of the invited organization will have access to that website with the same permissions as a website “Member.”

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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