Accessibility Feedback Form

A website's A11y Center open to its "Report an Issue" form.

Offering the ability to report an issue or request accommodations is fundamental to digital accessibility. It ensures that individuals with disabilities can request specific modifications or assistance to access digital content or services. The role of providing the ability to request accommodation includes:

Individualized Support

Individuals with disabilities may have unique needs and preferences. To reduce barriers, the “Accessibility Feedback” form offers multiple means of contact. It allows individuals to seek personalized accommodations to navigate the website effectively.

Compliance with Anti-Discrimination Laws

In many countries, including the United States with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Canada with the AODA, businesses must provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. The ability to request accommodation supports compliance with these laws.

Reasonable Accommodations

Offering the ability to request accommodation fits with the concept of “reasonable accommodations,” a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States. Reasonable accommodations are modifications or adjustments made to ensure equal access to goods, services, and information without imposing hardship on the organization. Providing accommodations through the website allows users to participate fully in digital experiences, fostering an inclusive environment.

Accessibility Feedback Loop

The “Accessibility Feedback” form creates a feedback loop with users, allowing them to express their needs, identify barriers, and suggest improvements to enhance overall accessibility. In addition to providing an improved experience for your user, it provides your team with the opportunity to address the barrier and improve the user experience for future users.