Invite Users to Your Website

We believe accessibility is a collaborative journey. That is why RAMP is not priced by user. We encourage you to invite everyone on your team, from stakeholders to marketers, to RAMP. Adding teammates to your website’s RAMP account is free and easy to do.

Video Tutorial

[0:04] Hi and welcome to Accessible Web RAMP. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can add team members to your RAMP account for free.

[0:13] We will click RAMP settings in the lower left-hand corner, navigate to the Team tab in Settings, and then click Add User.

[0:22] This Add User menu allows you to invite new users by email. Inviting new users is totally free because we don’t charge by user. We believe accessibility is a collaborative process. And so we want to encourage you to invite as many members of your team as possible.

[0:37 ]There are three different permissions levels that you can invite new users to, they can be invited as members managers or owners. Members are users who can view the website, Page Monitoring results, interact with Remediation Tasks and User Tickets. Managers are members who are able to invite new users and revoke access to existing users. While owners are responsible for paying for the website subscription, entering a payment method and are able to delete the website.

[1:06] It’s important to note that if you invite somebody as a new owner to your account, they will have to select the plan they want for your account for the account. And they’ll also have to enter a payment method if they select one of our three paid plans.

[1:19] All you have to do to actually invite a new user is enter their email to send an invitation to them by email.

[1:30] When this user accepts my email invitation, they’ll have access to the RAMP account.

[1:35] That has been adding users to your RAMP account. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we’re happy to help.

How to Invite New Users to a Website’s RAMP Account

New users can be invited from the Team tab within RAMP Settings.

To add a new user, navigate to RAMP Settings > Team > “Add User” and you’ll be prompted to enter the email address of the new user, in addition to selecting their permissions level.

Once the new user accepts their invitation, they will be prompted to create their own free RAMP profile.

User Permission Levels

When inviting a new user to your website’s account, you’ll be asked to select a permission level for them.


Members are users who can view this website and interact with tasks, tickets, etc.


Managers are members that are able to invite new users and revoke access to existing users on the team.


The owner is responsible for selecting the website’s subscription plan and providing a payment method. Additionally, the owner is able to delete the website if desired.

Managing multiple websites in RAMP? We recommend using RAMP’s organization feature to manage your team across multiple websites.

A Faster Way to Invite Users to Multiple Websites

If you’d like to give teammates access to multiple websites within RAMP, creating and managing an organization can streamline your process. Organizations allow you to give everyone in your team access to all website RAMP accounts that your organization owns or has access to, both now and in the future. Head on over to our User Guide Article on Managing an Organization to learn more.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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