Manage User Tickets

A user submitted ticket with the message "I can't operate the menu with just my keyboard."

User tickets, a feature of the A11y Center, are user-submitted help tickets that flow directly into RAMP. This feature is designed to alert your team when real users encounter accessibility issues on your website and can be accessed in the A11y Center Tab.

User tickets are a feature of the A11y Center which is included for free with all RAMP accounts. To enable the submission of user tickets, please install the A11y Center on your website first.

Enable the User Tickets Feature

Once the A11y Center is installed, user tickets can be created in a few different ways.

  • Your users submit tickets through the A11y Center embedded on your website.

    Your website users will be able to submit tickets directly into your RAMP account through the embedded A11y Center on your website. 

  • Manual tickets from phone calls, or email threads.

    If a user reports an accessibility issue via phone or email, you can record the interaction by manually creating a ticket.

Please note: User Tickets are not for internal communication with the Accessible Web Team.

Responding to User Tickets

You will find submitted User Tickets in the A11y Center tab of RAMP. When a user submits a ticket through the A11y Center or otherwise reports an accessibility barrier on your website, it is important to respond promptly and genuinely.

To get the most out of the user tickets feature, consider the following best practice recommendations:

  • Turn on email notifications for new User Tickets. By default, notifications are sent within RAMP. Therefore, it is important to customize your notification settings, so that relevant team members (like your Accessibility Advocate) receive email notifications as soon as new user tickets come in.
  • Reach out to the user who submitted the user ticket to make sure they can access the information, goods, or services on your website. Assure them you’re committed to removing the accessibility barriers they encountered.
  • Create a remediation task from the user ticket and, if applicable, assign it to a team member who can remediation it so it doesn’t impact users going forward.
  • Once the issue has been fixed, mark the remediation task as “complete” and add a log entry to document the accessibility improvement made to your site.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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