Understand Your Automated Accessibility Score

Accessible Web RAMP provides a numerical score, your website’s or web page’s Automated Accessibility Score, to help you prioritize accessibility efforts and document progress over time. 

Each individual page being scanned and monitored in RAMP is given a score, in addition to the website as a whole. Automatically detected accessibility errors impact your website or web page’s score differently based on the pervasiveness of the error across the page and across your website.

Achieving and maintaining a 100/100 Automated Accessibility Score is the first stage of your accessibility journey.

A 100/100 Automated Website Accessibility Score does not indicate full WCAG/ADA conformance. Automated testing alone cannot replace human involvement in assessing and improving accessibility. Therefore, WCAG conformance claims should not be based on automated testing alone. Learn more about automated WCAG scanning versus manual auditing of websites.

Complete verse Incomplete Website Scores

For an accurate overall Automated Website Accessibility Score, you must make sure all pages of your website are scanning. For most websites, we recommend scanning the site weekly or, at the very least, monthly so that RAMP can stay updated as new pages are added and violations crop up.

Please make sure that your website’s RAMP account is on an appropriately sized subscription plan for its number of pages and desired scan frequency.

Free RAMP accounts are limited to 100 page scans per month and, therefore, cannot provide an accurate Accessibility Score for websites with more than 100 pages. For more information on RAMP subscription plan sizes and features, please visit our pricing page.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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