Accessible Web RAMP
User Guide

Accessible Web RAMP provides a platform to discover, organize, remediate, and monitor accessibility issues in one central location. 

RAMP gives your team the power to do accessibility work the right way. At the core of the platform is full site monitoring, allowing you to quickly discover and prioritize accessibility issues across your entire site.

A11y Center

A website's ally center showing its accessibility log.

Installing the A11y Center on your site allows you to display your Accessibility Statement, Log, and even feed user-reported accessibility issues directly into your site’s RAMP account. Convey your commitment to doing accessibility the correct way, even if your website isn’t yet perfect. It provides website visitors with a means to report accessibility issues and get in contact with your team for reasonable accommodations—an important feature of many compliance laws. 

As your team works through remediation tasks, they will produce a paper trail, in the form of an Accessibility Log, that can be used to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to improving accessibility. This Accessibility Log can be displayed publicly (within your A11y Center) as a living document of all the fixes and accessibility enhancements taking place on your website. 

Page Monitoring

A page's most recent scan results in RAMP.

Ongoing, automatic site scanning and monitoring can help maximize your investment in accessibility by detecting issues as they pop up and helping you resolve them before they can impact users. 

Remediation Tasks

A website's remediation task showing a success criteria, failure, recommendation, and screenshot.

Organize and manage accessibility work with remediation tasks. These are actionable tasks that need to be taken to resolve your website’s accessibility issues. Remediation tasks are generated automatically by RAMP, based on scan results, and can be manually created from user-submitted tickets, manual audits, and page scan results. 

Alongside remediation tasks, RAMP provides the context you need to resolve accessibility issues confidently and efficiently, including pre-populated remediation recommendations and links to external resources.