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Founder Peter Jewett Talks Accessibility on VPR

18 Aug 2016

Vermont Public Radio on Getting Digitally ADA Compliant

Peter Jewett, founder of Accessible Web, was recently invited to speak on Vermont Public Radio about ADA compliance. From the VPR website:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990. It ensured that people with disabilities had the same rights and opportunities as all Americans.

For many businesses, that meant making sure buildings had ample entrances, ramps and elevators so those with disabilities could easily navigate the company’s offices or retail space.

But the world has changed since 1990. The introduction of the internet has raised the question of how companies can be ADA compliant in the digital age.

We talk with Peter Jewett, owner of Accessible Web, and Josh Coffee, co-founder and president of Easy Tactile Graphics, about how companies meet the digital regulations of the ADA.

You can listen to the broadcast in full by clicking here.