An open laptop showing an accessibility badge with a screenshot of Accessible Web RAMP.

Announcing Our New Suite of Accessibility Tools: Accessible Web RAMP!

13 Oct 2020

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve recognized the challenges that organizations are having with navigating the complexities of online ADA compliance and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). So, we created a new product that addresses these challenges: Accessible Web RAMP, a suite of SaaS tools designed to help teams discover, understand and resolve web accessibility issues.

Watch our product launch video! Captions available.

People are finally paying attention to web accessibility and you should too. It’s estimated that twenty percent of people live with a disability. Upgrading your website to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG, can dramatically improve their experience while helping your organization comply with accessibility laws. WCAG standards aren’t exactly common knowledge. Updating your code to support screen readers, keyboard-only users and assistive technologies can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? But don’t worry at Accessible Web, we make it easy to discover, understand and resolve your web accessibility work. Our suite of automated tools and IAAP certified web accessibility experts can help you achieve and maintain WCAG conformance. Accessible Web RAMP centralizes your accessibility work into one user friendly platform. With our automated page monitoring system, user issue tracking, remediation task workflow and helpful knowledge base, you’ll be able to effectively pinpoint an address accessibility barriers. By embedding our Accessible Web Badge on your website, you’ll enable users to report accessibility barriers directly into your RAMP account and express your commitment to inclusion with a custom accessibility policy, certification badge and accessibility log. Join our Ally Partner program to team up with an Accessible Web Specialist to keep your accessibility work on track as your website evolves. Let’s work together to build a better web. Your website, for everyone.

Accessible Web RAMP centralizes accessibility work into one user-friendly platform that makes conforming to WCAG approachable. Our automated web page monitoring system, customer issue-tracking, remediation task management and accessibility user experience (UX) testing all help pinpoint, explain and address accessibility barriers. By partnering with local members of the community to test websites with assistive technologies, Accessible Web can ensure that users with disabilities have a better web experience. Check out our interview with our Accessibility UX tester to see what navigating the web with a screen reader is like!

Our co-founder & Lead Accessibility Specialist, Pete Bruhn said “WCAG isn’t exactly common knowledge; it takes a long time to understand the intricacies of the success criteria and how to update your website so that it conforms to these standards. The goal with RAMP is to make the process of finding, understanding and fixing accessibility issues as easy as possible”

Accessible Web RAMP features include:

  • Automatic page scanning & monitoring of common accessibility issues
  • Remediation task system turns issues into actionable tasks
  • A11Y Partner program provides an expert Accessibility Specialist to help monitor work and keep it on track
  • Accessibility Website Badge to allow visitors to see the work an organization is doing/has done to their website or app
  • Accessibility policy helps showcase your dedication to inclusion and gives context to your organization’s accessibility goals
  • User issue reporting allows users to submit issues in real-time
  • Accessibility log provides a timeline of the work done to achieve accessibility

You can begin a 14-day free trial of RAMP today. Visit our subscription page to begin working with us to begin your path to accessibility today!