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Accessible Web Podcast: Dan Goldstein

1 Jun 2021

The Accessible Web Podcast is excited to announce our first guest. Dan Goldstein, a prominent civil rights attorney from Baltimore, has played a crucial role in the push for increased accessibility. During his time as counsel for the National Federation of The Blind, Goldstein fought to ensure the Americans With Disabilities Act applied to the digital world. In one of his more publicized cases, Goldstein filed a lawsuit in 2006 against Target. Target’s website had been inaccessible to users who are blind. As a result of this case, not only is Target’s website more accessible but the case further enforces the precedent that large organizations must have an accessible website.

The inspiration for this podcast stemmed from a previous conversation between Goldstein and the Accessible Web team. With this in mind, we thought it was fitting to feature Goldstein as our first guest. His dedication to promoting a future where accessibility in the digital world is a legal necessity hits close to the Accessible Web mission. Our goal is to ensure all users regardless of differing abilities can access the web.

This podcast will stream live on Facebook Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 at 4 pm EST. Can’t make the live recording? Check back on this page for the recording to catch up on what you missed. Captions and a transcript will be available. If you have a request for another accessible format please contact Abby Scott, our podcast’s producer, at [email protected]