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Accessible Web Podcast: Karl Horvath

9 Jun 2021

In this week’s installment of the Accessible Web Podcast, Peter Jewett and George Heake will be joined by special guest Karl Horvath. Live on Facebook at 4 pm on Thursday, June 10th, this week’s episode will focus on Accessibility in the educational space. Karl Horvath is the President of Campus Consortium, a nonprofit organization focused on improving IT in higher education.

Accessibility has become a big topic in higher education. The growing number of lawsuits in the space has sent the message that institutions must provide accessible digital spaces and information. Any institution receiving federal funding must meet accessibility standards in order to protect itself from these lawsuits. 

Can’t make the live recording? Check back on this page for the recording to catch up on what you missed. Captions and a transcript will be available. If you have a request for another accessible format please contact Abby Scott, our podcast’s producer, at [email protected].