Colour Contrast Analyser – a new tool to analyze color contrast of webpages

17 May 2016

Accessibility Resource Initiative The Paciello Group released a PC & Mac tool to analyze color contrast of webpages and desktop applications.

New tool to analyze color contrast of Webpages and Apps

Called the Colour Contrast Analyser, this tool helps you determine the legibility of text and contrast levels of visual elements, such as graphical controls and visual indicators.

Allowing you to simulate different color spectrum variants, this tool enables you to test your desktop application for color spectrum accessibility.

Giving you a real-time view of your application under different spectrum considerations, the Colour Contrast Analyser gives you the tools to test and proof interfaces.

Accessibility for the Desktop, Web, and beyond

An important aspect of color on apps for both low vision and colorblind users is sufficient contrast between foreground elements, text or graphics, and the background. Successful use of color and contrast allows users of all abilities to successfully engage with desktop and mobile applications. At times, a design might dictate a color palette or series of elements that could potentially cause an overwhelming contrast, or a lack of contrast, for colorblind users.

Using tools like the Colour Contrast Analyser, developers are able to preview how their software appears for a larger demographic of users, giving them the opportunity to serve a more well-rounded product.

Click here for more information on the Colour Contrast Analyser.