Browser Extension

You have a list of page violations displayed in RAMP. Now, you can open the chrome extension and use it to highlight the affected elements on the page. The extension also allows you to scan in real time to see progress, or assign the task to your team. Regardless, RAMP will keep track of it all.

a screenshot of accessible web helper extension showing the latest scan results.
WCAG Rulesets
Choose from WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 A, AA, or best practice, and analyze your results.
Linked to RAMP
Log in to your RAMP account to streamline your workflow.

Scan in Real-Time

Scan any page, any time. Scan results contain detailed information to support your desired accessibility workflow. Remediate and re-scan as you move through violations, or assign them to your team as tasks in RAMP.

Download the extension and start scanning for free

View Detailed Scan Results

Each result allows you to view the affected elements, success criteria, and violation severity. Soon, users with paid RAMP subscriptions will be able to view remediation recommendations created by our specialists.

Scan results showing a violation, its success criteria, the element and code snippet affected, and failure details.

Highlight Affected Elements

Highlight the affected elements directly on the page according to their violation. This allows you to pinpoint and visualize the exact barrier.

Start highlighting violations for free

The chrome extension highlighting a violation with a red box.
A screenshot of the color contrast checker displaying a contrast ratio, and wcag compliance results.

Check Color Contrast Ratios

Select any two colors on your page to check their contrast ratio and WCAG conformance.

Streamline Your Workflow

Pair the Accessible Web Helper with RAMP to unlock its full potential. Any progress made from the extension will be tracked in RAMP without any work on your end.

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a screenshot of accessible web ramp showing page monitoring details.