Page Scanning & Monitoring

Monitor your site’s accessibility through page scanning with the Accessible Web automated scanner. Add your XML sitemap and we’ll scan every page of your website on a recurring basis. As you remediate identified issues, watch your error chart decrease to zero errors. While automated scanning is no replacement for manual audits, our monitoring system ensures your development and content teams don’t make common mistakes.

A screenshot of a webpage showing a table with pages, and how many accessibility violations each one contains.
Filter Pages
Filter pages to find those with the most violations, not monitored.
Invalid Pages
We’ll automatically stop scanning old pages that no longer exist.
Page Monitoring
View at a glance information about your websites pages.

WCAG Level Selection

See only the violations that are meaningful to your organization by adjusting your scanner settings. We recommend WCAG 2.1 level AA; but you have the option to change the version between 2.0 and 2.1 then select level A or AA.

A web form with the field 'Scanning Rules' focused, with the value 'WCAG 2.1 AA'

Scan Frequency

In order to make the most out of our tools, we recommend setting the scanning frequency to daily. But we know that complex sites require the ability to configure which pages to scan and how frequently. With scanning frequency, you can easily tune your site monitoring.

A screenshot of a page within accessible web console highlight the scanning frequency selector for a page.

Track Scan Results

Our scanner keeps tabs of every page individually, so you can keep track of how any one page changes over time, in addition to site-wide metrics.

You can easily view the scanning history of your pages and remediation tasks that are related to them. Scan results with failures provide you with the rule that failed and code snippets to help your team pinpoint the problem. 

A chart showing page violation over time.

Create Remediation Tasks

Scan results are the primary driver of initial remediation tasks within the Accessible Web RAMP. We’ve designed it so that you can create remediation tasks from scan results with ease. It’s as simple as activating two buttons. The title, associated page, failure description and code snippet are prepopulated for you.

An image showing an accessibility violation, and a form below it to create a remediation task to fix it.