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Accessible Web Podcast: Deaf Link’s Kay Chiodo and Dan Heller

14 Jun 2021

The Accessible Web Podcast is excited to welcome another special guest to this week’s episode. Kay Chiodo and Dan Heller from Deaf Link will be joining Peter Jewett and George Heake to discuss current issues in the accessibility space. Deaf Link is a Woman-Owned Business started in 2002 to help organizations provide equitable and effective communication methods for individuals with disabilities including Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, and Deaf-Blind. 

CEO Kay Chiodo founded Deaf Link in 2002 to further push the mission of expanding accessible communication methods. Chiodo, an ASL interpreter of over 32 years, also founded Vital Signs, Inc in 1990. Vital Signs is one of the largest and oldest ASL interpreting services in Texas. 

President of Deaf Link, Dan Heller, joined Deaf Link in 2005 after working with Chiodo on rolling out the AHAS system in response to Hurricane Katrina. The AHAS system, Accessible Hazard Alert System, was designed to ensure individuals with sensory disabilities would have access to communications about disasters. 

Can’t make the live recording? Check back on this page for the recording to catch up on what you missed. Captions and a transcript will be available. If you have a request for another accessible format please contact Abby Scott, our podcast’s producer, at [email protected]