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What is a VPAT?

11 Sep 2019

If you have created a digital product or service that is used by federal government employees or if you receive funding from the federal government, you need a VPAT® (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®). A VPAT® is a document table that contains information about how an ICT (information & communications technology) product or service conforms with the refreshed version of Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It’s also common-practice to create a VPAT for any industry, it’s a key document that you can provide to potential clients and customers that outlines how your product is performing against Section 508 or WCAG standards.

Creating a VPAT? We can help!

Accessible Web can provide a VPAT as part of our Accessibility Audit Service and Accessibility Certification Service.

VPAT® – Process and Deliverables:

  1. Submit the form below with your contact information and url of the website you need a VPAT® for.
  2. We’ll review your website and schedule a call to discuss your timeline, specific requirements, and cost.
  3. We’ll send an email invoice, payable via check or credit card.  
  4. Once payment is received, we’ll schedule your VPAT®.  
  5. We’ll complete our comprehensive audit process and test your website against each line of WCAG 2.1. 
  6. We’ll create a VPAT® based on our audit and test results, then send it to you for publishing on your site.

What’s included in the VPAT®:

  • Executive Summary of overall results
  • Details about conformance with A, AA, and AAA WCAG 2.1 standards.
  • Spreadsheet including details and comments about conformance related to each guideline.
  • Access to our knowledge base for submitting questions to aid in upgrades.