3.1.6 Pronunciation Level AAA

A mechanism is available for identifying specific pronunciation of words where meaning of the words, in context, is ambiguous without knowing the pronunciation.

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Testing & Remediation

How to test: Open you website up and begin reading the content. Are there any places where you’ve used a word that the meaning is hard to grasp without knowing the pronunciation? If so, have you provided the pronunciation inline? How to remediate: If the content on your site uses any word where the meaning is ambiguous without knowing the pronunciation, you must provide one of the following:
  • Provide the pronunciation (phonetic spelling) immediately following the word
  • Linking to the pronunciation
  • Providing a glossary that includes pronunciation information
  • Using the ruby element

Questions and Answers

Can I specify the language of specific parts of my page?

As an example, let's suppose I want to write the following. 'The french word bonjour means hello in english.' My sites language is english, but I would like screen readers to know that 'bonjour' is written in french. Is that something I should even bother...