3.1.3 Unusual Words Level AAA

A mechanism is available for identifying specific definitions of words or phrases used in an unusual or restricted way, including idioms and jargon.

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Testing & Remediation

How to test: Open you website up and begin reading the content. Are there any places where you've used a word or phrase that has a unique or unusual definition? If so, have you provided a link to the definition or provided it inline? If not, do you have a glossary? How to remediate: If the content on your site uses any words or phrases in an unusual way, you must provide the definition. This can be linked out to, inline within the content or within a glossary.

Questions and Answers

Can I specify the language of specific parts of my page?

As an example, let's suppose I want to write the following. 'The french word bonjour means hello in english.' My sites language is english, but I would like screen readers to know that 'bonjour' is written in french. Is that something I should even bother...