If any audio on a Web page plays automatically for more than 3 seconds, either a mechanism is available to pause or stop the audio, or a mechanism is available to control audio volume independently from the overall system volume level.

Testing & Remediation

How to test: Navigate to any page on your site where there is audio content.
  • Confirm if the page features any audio that plays automatically
  • If the page does have audio that plays automatically, check to see if the audio lasts more than 3 seconds including looping
  • If the page does have audio that plays automatically and lasts longer than 3 seconds, verify that there is a way to stop/pause the audio or there is a way to control the audio's volume independently of the system's volume control.
How to remediate: For audio content (not sound effects, think podcasts or messages with actual content lasting longer than 3 seconds) do not play it automatically, or supply a means to pause/play. Alternatively, you could add a mute button or a volume control mechanism.

Questions and Answers

How long does the accessibliity process take?

This question depends on a number of factors including size of site, desired level of conformance, your developer's understanding of accessibility techniques, etc. Accessible Web is here to help. Reach out and we can discuss your site specifically.