1.4.1 Use of Color Level A

Color is not used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element.

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Testing & Remediation

How to test: Open your website and manually review the pages to see if the use of color is used to convey meaning. This may require you to interact with the page (eg. submit a form). If color is used as a way to provide information to the user, indicate an action or prompt a response, confirm that there is an additional visual cue that portrays the same meaning. How to remediate:
  • Remove any usage of color to convey meaning or;
  • Anywhere color is used to convey meaning (eg. a form with required fields marked in the color red), also include an alternative visual way to indicate this to the user (eg. such as a star icon or the word "required")

Questions and Answers

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