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How do I know whether an image of text is decorative?

Success Criterion 1.4.9: Images of Text (No Exception) states that text “used for pure decoration” is one of the few allowed uses for images of text. How do I know whether text is decorative?

  • decorative images
  • images
  • text

Should “Sign Up” fields be links or buttons?

I have an element on my page that allows users to sign in to their account. It both takes a user to a new page AND submits a form, so should it be coded as a link or a button?

  • buttons
  • links

Why aren’t accessibility best practices part of WCAG success criteria?

Accessibility guides and audit results will include “accessibility best practices” that aren’t tied to a specific success criterion. If these practices are helpful, why aren’t they already success criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

  • best practices
  • user experience